1 /lVv/ verb
1 ROMANTIC ATTRACTION (transitive not in progressive) to have a strong feeling of caring for and liking someone, combined with sexual attraction: I love you, really. Do you love me? | He was the only man she had ever loved.
2 CARE ABOUT (transitive not in progressive) to care very much about someone, especially a member of your family or a close friend: Children need to feel loved. | much-loved/greatly-loved/well-loved: one of America's best-loved TV personalities | loved ones (=people you love): women caring for loved ones who had been injured in the war
3 LIKE/ENJOY (transitive not in passive) to like something very much or enjoy doing something very much: love doing sth: Max found that he really loved teaching. | love sth: I love carrots. | She loves anything to do with figures. | love to do sth: We all love to talk about ourselves. | I love the way she sings that. | I'd love to spoken (=used to say that you would really like to do something): "Would you like to come swimming with us?" "I'd love to." | I'd have loved to have stayed till the end. | I'd love to know just why they did that.
4 I must love you and leave you spoken used to tell someone that you have to go, especially when you wish you could stay longer
5 LOYALTY (transitive not in progressive) to have a strong feeling of loyalty to your country, an institution etc: He really loved the police force.
6 I love it! spoken used when you are amused by something, especially by someone else's mistake or bad luck: "Henry was telling the prof all about relativity." "I love it! I love it!"
7 she's going to love you/he's going to love this etc spoken
a) used to say that someone will enjoy something: Listen guys, you're going to love this.
b) used jokingly to say that someone will not be pleased about something: I'm going to love telling him we've changed our minds again.
-see also: lover 2 noun
1 FOR FAMILY/FRIENDS (U) a strong feeling of caring about someone, especially a member of your family or a close friend: What these kids need is love and support.
(+ for): a mother's love for her child -opposite hate 2, hatred
2 ROMANTIC (U) a strong feeling of liking and caring about someone, especially combined with sexual attraction: She's seen him every day this week - it must be love! | a love song | be/fall in love (with): I think I'm falling in love with your brother. | madly in love/very much in love/head over heels in love: It was obvious that they were very much in love. | love at first sight (=when you love someone the first time you see them) | true love (=strong romantic love that remains for ever)
3 PERSON YOU LOVE (C) someone that you feel a strong romantic and sexual attraction to: He was her first love. | the love of your life (=the person that you have loved most of your life)
a) (singular, uncountable) a strong feeling of pleasure and enjoyment that something gives you: love of/for: a love of nature
b) (C) something that gives you a lot of pleasure and enjoyment: Sailing was her great love.
5 make love
a) to have sex with someone that you love: make love to/with: "I want to make love withyou," she breathed.
b) old use to say loving things to someone, to kiss them etc
6 send your love (to) to ask someone to give your loving greetings to someone else when they see them, write to them etc: Aunt Mary sends her love to you.
7 give my love to spoken used to ask someone to give your loving greetings to someone else: "Bye! Give my love to Jackie."
8 love (from)/lots of love/all my love expressions used at the end of a letter to a friend, a member of your family, or someone you love: See you soon. Lots of love, Clare.
9 (my) love spoken
a) especially BrE a word used when you are talking to someone you love: Hurry up, love!
b) BrE a friendly way of talking to someone who you do not know, especially to a woman: Are you OK, love?
10 be a love and ...
/ ... there's a love spoken especially BrE expressions used when you are asking someone to do something, used especially to children and members of your family: Say hello to your auntie, there's a love.
11 there is no love lost between if there is no love lost between two people, they dislike each other: There's never been any love lost between Paul and Geoff.
12 TENNIS (U) an expression meaning no points, used in the game of tennis
13 not for love or/nor money informal if you cannot get something or do something for love or money, it is impossible to obtain or to do: I can't get hold of that book for love nor money.
14 for the love of God/Mike etc old-fashioned spoken used to show that you are extremely angry, disappointed etc
15 love nest humorous a place where two people who are having a romantic relationship live or meet each other
-see also: a labour of love labour 1 (4)

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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